Max? Indeed.  We have one in the oven and the timer is set to go off in late Spring.  Can't wait to meet the new man-child

Celebrated another fine year of life with the most wonderful woman in the world ... lucky me

Joined Praise Band (one of three in rotation) ... great group of guys

Our church is rockin' ... wonderful message, wonderful people ... truly God is in this place.  Didn't know what I was missing!

Contract work still going strong...5th year and it couldn't be going better

Nice trip to New Mexico to see friends and do a bit of work ... very nice out there as usual (not like the 18" of snow we got last time)

Anaheim trip was great.  Met some great people and look forward to next year ... very beneficial trip.

God moved us to the best church in the country ... can't wait to see what is in store

Work still going strong.  Getting to know and love Oracle 10g.  Nice departure from 9i, 8i and that legacy 6i stuff  

Kids doing well ... have a whole houseful ... very nice, I like being a Dad ... perhaps we'll have another one ... we shall see

Celebrated a terrific year with the most fabulous woman in the world

The Wednesday Band is working out well ... the kids are loving it (and by kids I include the band guys as well)